Monday 9 February 2015

Can't get a handle on it

So I was drinking my morning coffee and doodling on my morning newspaper.  My husband just loves when I do that.  There was my mug a simple thing but I couldn't get the curve on the handle.  I realized that is no different then the curve on the lip or nose - it is really subtle.

I tried Carol Marine's method with little dots at special points and I must admit I was having a little trouble.  It makes sense but it is not natural for me. I kept forgetting which dot meant what. I will try it again and take pictures next time.  Here is my little cup.  I know it looks simple but the shadow on the handle itself was hard.

I am enjoying going through her book, unfortunately I won't be able to use my studio for 2 weeks.  Ater that I will be zipping through it.