Monday 22 September 2014

in the beginning

I have, as I am sure just about every artist I know has, a billion, well at least a million art books.  I have decided to stop buying new books and actually go through the ones I own.  The first one I am going to read and work through is "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson. I chose this one because I love to draw and while I have pretty good drawing skills, I think everyone can improve.  I believe the better I can draw, the easier it is to paint and the more fun I will have.

So find your copy of "Keys to Drawing",  pick up your pencil, pen or whatever and join me in a book journey.  I am going to post results of the exercises quite frequently.   Lets begin with chapter 1 - a very good place to start. The first exercise is a drawing of your feet crossed.  I will post my drawing Wednesday.
Remember have fun.

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  1. very interesting & informative. More fun than doing the execises alone. Thanks for sorting through the books. Looking forward to the next post.