Tuesday 20 January 2015

Connecting the dots

Today's lesson is setting out your composition on the canvas.  First mark dots on the midpoints on the canvas.  Second put dots or little lines on the edges of each object. Third start rounding.  Here is my setup
 Then I added mid dots (I confess I drew a line to make it easier for me)
 I then connected the dots.

My first pass

 2nd pass

 And my painting.  I could have gone on for ever but this is just an exercise.  It was fun painting the teapot because at first glance it is black, but as you stare at it the colours come out.
Besides which I would really like my pot back as it is now time for tea.  - Lady Grey tea hot.
Here is Monday's weekly hint - yes I know it is Tuesday but consistency is not part of my vocabulary - don't even know the meaning of the word.

David Kassan is an amazing artist who is now having a Kickstarter fundraiser for a palette

If I were an oil painter I think I would get it because I love new things for my art.  His palette is unusual in that it is vertical.  His point is, a vertical palette means the light falls in the same manner on the palette as on the painting.  I am not comparing myself to him and I really don't think that having vertical is going to instantly make me as good as him but then you never know.  I have a little palette which I now keep vertically and it is easier physically so you don't twist to get at your paint.  I am now very aware of how repetitive motions come back to bite you.  

Watch the video - I think the palette is a  brilliant design. And before you ask - no the paint does not drip down but the glaze does so I just put that on the bottom.  

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  1. fantastic presentation of techniques. Can't wait to try out